Marc Rosenstein US Speaking Tour 2016

Breaking News - an exciting opportunity to hear Rabbi Dr Marc Rosenstein!

Rabbi Dr Marc Rosenstein will be touring the US in May talking about the subject of his recent publication defining his personal vision for ''A Democratic Jewish State,'' a subject of immediate relevance in current times when leaders make provocative and negative statements, and verbal and physical violence escalates!

If you know Marc already you will want to hear and book him - he is a charismatic and well-loved speaker and brilliant educator who always has something novel and thought-provoking to say!

For those of you who have not met him, Marc is a former pulpit rabbi, Hebrew school teacher and principal in the USA who has lived in the Galilee since 1990. In Israel he has worked extensively as an educator, researcher and academic, as well as being our emeritus director at Galilee Foundation for Value Education. Marc describes his work as trying to achieve a vision of Zionism as an effort to create a Jewish state that is a ''light unto the nations'' and a society that ''knows the heart of the stranger,'' in order to enable people of different ethnic and national identities and religious and ideological commitments to live together in harmony.

Marc has agreed that the proceeds of his tour will all come to the Galilee Foundation for Value Education.

Marc's flexibility as a speaker means that he is able to tailor his presentation format to suit different needs, including full formal lectures, workshops for different sized groups and more intimate parlor meetings.

Click here for a flyer giving more details, and here for a brief bio of Marc.

If you are in a position to book Marc, please email or phone us for more details of how Marc can tailor his format and content, and to discuss dates, costs and logistics.

Bring Marc to your community!

Even if you don’t personally lead a congregation or community organization, please feel free to pass this information to your leaders or get in touch with us!