August 2016 Newsletter

Dear friends and supporters,

It has been a very busy summer for us as we reach the relative quiet of August, a time for our busy staff to take stock and prepare for the new activity year.

The staff are run off their feet each year between May and July, but consider it enormously satisfying and a part of what we all want to achieve at the Foundation, as we showcase the Galilee tapestry of different religions and cultures to visiting groups from overseas.   We have a great insight in our article, Summer Season, as well as an interview with our former Executive Director, Nir Topper, and a report on a very successful FestivaLimud in May.

Next time we will bring you a full report of our highly successful tour of our Galilee Circus to join their long-time partners St Louis Arches, but in the meantime you can get an idea how it went here.

For the first time we have a Hebrew version of our newsletter alongside the English one, which you can access via the link to the right above.

Finally, don't miss the chance to book our emeritus executive director, Rabbi Dr Marc Rosenstein for your synagogue or organization - he will once again be speaking in the USA in February 2017.   Find out more here.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter and your summer!

Sue Reiss

Chair of the Board of Directors

Summer Season

During May to July we hosted more than 60 visiting groups from abroad.

Our various activities and projects take place throughout the year, but one of the most important aspects of many of our projects, and a key part of our vision, is the interaction of visitors from abroad - groups and individuals, old and young - with our Arab-Jewish projects.

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Nir Topper in conversation

Having steered us through difficult times, financially and with the situation in Israel, Nir moves on to pastures new.

We asked Nir for his thoughts on life, Israel and the Galilee Foundation...

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FestivaLimud 2016

“Depart from evil and do good”

In our last newsletter we promised to update you about FestivaLimud, which ran in May this year.

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