Galilee Circus Summer tour to St Louis - 2016

At the beginning of August our Galilee Circus troupe came together once again with the St Louis Arches as the Galilee Arches.

Below: members of St Louis Arches greet the travellers as they arrive at St Louis.

Below: almost immediately the two groups come together - old friends and new - to start their hectic journey through assessment of skills, leading to program planning, and lots of practice!

On 3rd August, the troupe attended a Cirque du Soleil performance benefitting Circus Harmony.

Followed by more practice...

...more practice...

...and even more practice... some refueling...

...and finally some more practice...

And then the honor of bearing the torch at the 2016 St Louis Maccabi Games, followed by a show!

You can see a video of the show in the panel to the right, and the circus was featured in the St Louis Jewish Light newspaper.

Galilee Circus' Hala Asadi was interviewed by Don Marsh with Maya Zuckerman of St Louis Arches, and Jessica Hentoff, Executive & Artistic Director of Circus Harmony, on St Louis Public Radio on 5 August, 2016.   You can hear the interview in the panel to the right.

On Friday 5th August the troupe put on their first show at City Museum, the St Louis home of Circus Harmony (below).

...after which the troupe went for a well-earned break - wait a minute, a break with more performances! - at Trout Lodge.  

The weekend of August 5-7 at Trout Lodge showcased the Galilee Arches to several audiences there.   A group of the circus kids taught a workshop to the kids staying at the Lodge.   And there were several shows, such as this sunset act:   


But there was also time for fun activities: swimming in the lake, riding bikes, playing games.  

And relaxing together as friends...

And bonding...

On August 8 some of the circus went to On St Louis to make a video about the tour, and were also featured on the ''Sweet St Louis Moment'' - you can see both videos in the panel to the right.

Rehearsals and shows followed, at City Museum and the Central Reform Congregation, interspersed with shopping and sightseeing!

On August 9 the circus had a treat; after some time at The Loop - the historic ''main drag'' and ''walk of fame'' of St Louis...

...and a performance at Ballpark Village, the troupe watched the Cardinals baseball game:

August 10 and 11 saw workshops and shows at City Museum, Ferguson and Chesterfield Athletic Club, plus an appearance at the school picnic at Saul Mirowitz School.

August 13-15 closed the tour with more shows at City Museum, Incredible Pizza and elsewhere - see the videos in the panel to the right - plus visits to City Garden and the iconic St Louis Arch from which the circus gets its name.   Then it was time for final farewells and exchanges of Facebook details as our circus kids headed home to Israel.   

All our thanks to Jessica and the staff and kids of Circus Harmony, and to our own tireless staff, parents and kids, for making this such a memorable tour!

Call to Action!

Partnerships such as ours with St Louis Arches are vital both in disseminating our vision and in developing our circus kids.   But there are many costs.  

Please support the Galilee Circus to fund  its equipment, workshops and exchange programs.  

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Thank you on behalf of the youth of the Galilee Circus!

More news of the tour!

This page was updated periodically during the tour, which has now ended; we will also write a full report in a future newsletter.  


You can see more pictures on our Facebook pages: simply Like our Galilee Foundation Facebook page or Friend our Galilee Circus!


We are grateful to Jessica Hentoff, Talie Eisner and Ahmad Sanalla for use of their photographs.

In the media...

Galilee Circus' Hala Asadi (pictured far right) is interviewed by Don Marsh (left) with Maya Zuckerman of St Louis Arches (right), and Jessica Hentoff, Executive & Artistic Director of Circus Harmony, on St Louis Public Radio on 5 August, 2016.   Click here to listen!

At the Maccabi Games, St Louis, August 4

On St Louis video, August 8

Sweet St Louis Moment feature, August 8

Show at City Museum, St Louis, August 13

At Incredible Pizza, August 14 - St Louis Jewish Light report

Galilee Arches Partner Acrobatic Act Final Show, August 15

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