November Campaign 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 Newsletter


Dear friends,

Connect to what you believe needs to be done in Israel!

Connect with your beliefs and vision for the State of Israel, your vision of the sort of country you believe Israel should be.



Please join us in this vision for a shared, pluralistic and safe society. An Israel where there is mutual trust and a meaningful and real dialogue between groups - whether Jews, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Bedouin, orthodox, reforms, secular and more - who accept each other respectfully.

We continue to encourage and give hope to our participants, audiences and stakeholders in all our activities, from Israel and overseas, to realize that a better shared future is doable.   We want to reassure them: what they see in the media, even inside Israel, must not destroy their core belief that a better shared future is achievable.  We know that the vast majority of Jews and Arabs in Israel want to live peacefully in a safe and mutually respectful society - even though the worldwide media often gives the opposite impression.  Thus our task is, in part, to encourage and shine a spotlight on the silent majority.

With this message we are today launching our annual fund-raising campaign. This campaign will run through the month of November, raising money to support our programs, some of which are pictured here.   Look out for our emails and our social media posts in the coming month, which will give ideas as to how you can help us achieve your vision and ours: a shared, pluralistic and safe society for all of Israel's citizens.

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Young Leaders encounter with students from the USA, Summer 2015.

Galilee Circus members at a circus conference in Germany, Summer 2015.