Relations between Arabs and Jews in the State of Israel exist in the shadow of the ongoing violent conflict which has continued for more than one hundred years. This conflict is expressed uniquely in the Galilee. On the one hand, Galilee Jews and Arabs often interact with each other in the areas of the economy, leisure, sports and so on. On the other hand, there is a dissonance between the two groups who lack real understanding of the components of each other’s identity, and display a variety of prejudices and racist attitudes; their is almost no discourse between the two groups on these matters.

This exciting new program, developed in 2014, aims to provide foundation for a selected group of students to take part in a comprehensive process in addressing relations between the two communities. This year we are running the program for the first time at Ort Braude Academic College in Karmiel, with older students in higher education.

The overall goal of the program is to create a space for a constructive Jewish-Arab encounter which embeds the shared values of equality, democracy and solidarity. The project is unique in concentrating on engaging participants over a longer series of meetings than is usual in such programs, allowing for the development of deeper connections between them.