Experiential activities at Jewish historical sites

  • A Tale of Two Cities - a seminar on the various models of how Judaism can deal with the surrounding culture, at the archaeological sites of Yodfat and Zippori. The seminar includes looking at the actual dilemmas in those places in the light of the different experiences their residents had in their encounters between Judaism and Roman culture, as part of the Great Revolt in the Galilee. Alongside the reading of texts we take part in activities such as the construction and operation of catapults, tours of archeological excavation sites, meeting with famous historical figures (through theatre) and more.
  • Safed (Tzfat) Game - a simulation game in Safed which focused on the connection between the spiritual search of young Jews today and that of the Safed kabbalists; group tours, text study, and discussion.
  • Acco (Acre) Game - in which small groups navigate the alleys of Old Acre, which allows participants to exlore Acre's history and the multicultural community living there today.
  • Sites and Sources - study tours that combine text and places such as Safed, Zippori, Yodfat, Beit She'arim, Haifa, Acre, ancient synagogues in the Galilee. It is possible to develop educational tours to other sites.

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