Galilee circus US tour - 2008

In the summer of 2008, the Galilee circus visited the St. Louis Arches youth circus - see the blog for a detailed account.

This trip came after the Arches visit in the summer of 2007, as Marc Rosenstein reported:

I have just come home from probably the most amazing two weeks of my career in educational tourism. Our Galilee Circus, a Jewish-Arab youth circus based here in Karmiel, hosted for two weeks the St. Louis Arches performing troupe, part of a large youth circus program in St. Louis. The Israelis consisted of 6 Jews and 7 Arabs (out of the 50 kids who participate in the program); from St. Louis there were 11 kids, including several inner city African Americans, as well as a few middle class Jews. After practicing together and developing a joint act, we toured the country, giving ten performances in public venues like Tel Aviv port boardwalk, but also community centers (Majd el Krum, Yokneam and Mitzpeh Ramon), institutions for the handicapped in Haifa and Tel Aviv, and mixed Jewish-Arab audiences(YMCA). Everywhere we went the kids in the audience were enthralled, and somehow, the adults were in tears. As Annette Hochstein, of the Mandel Foundation, commented after the YMCA show, ''you have created an island of happiness here...''

For us, in the Galilee circus, this project was important in helping initiate our kids into the wider world of youth circus and show them to what they can aspire - as well as an opportunity to do circus without any reference at all to their particular ethnic identities (the Americans couldn't tell the Jews and Arabs apart).