Peace Through Pyramids: 2007-today

Peace Through Pyramids is a collaboration between the Galilee Circus and St Louis Arches, a diverse youth circus troupe based at Circus Harmony in St Louis, Missouri, USA.   The combined troupe is known as the Galilee Arches!

The partnership began in 2007, with St Louis Arches visiting us, which they repeated in 2010 and 2014, whilst we visited them in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Peace Through Pyramids has been the subject of a critically acclaimed book, Watch Out for Flying Kids! by Cynthia Levinson.

It has also been the subject of a 2010 film, Circus Kids, directed by Alexandra Lipsitz, about St Louis Arches' visit to Galilee Circus in Israel that year.

Latest meeting

Click here to read about our latest coming together in St Louis, MO, in the summer of 2016!

"Circus Kids" - trailer

Peace Through Pyramids in the media

  • Review of the film, ''Circus Kids''
  • Another review of ''Circus Kids''
  • Interview with Jessica Hentoff, Executive and Artistic Director of Circus Harmony, St Louis

Watch Out For Flying Kids!

Watch Out for Flying Kids! is a wonderful book by our friend, the acclaimed author Cynthia Levenson.   It is full of hope and emotion, a worthwhile read for children and adults alike, showing what may be achieved when two youth circuses come together and build trust - within and between them.

Not only that, but 10% of the profits made on the books is being donated to us!

You can order a copy now on Amazon, or click here to read more about the book and it's author, Cynthia, who is one of our biggest supporters!