Bar/Bat mitzvah project

Link your bar/bat mitzvah to the Galilee Circus, and help us defy fear, pessimism – and gravity!


Making the Galilee Circus your bar/bat mitzvah project is a way for you to…

  • Connect with Israel;
  • Connect with kids in Israel;
  • Help make Israel a better place, by breaking down barriers and building shared culture and citizenship.

Support for the circus is not political; it is optimistic.  It not only benefits the participants but conveys an important message of ''yes we can'' to audiences of all ages who come to see the show.


There are a number of ways to make the Galilee Circus part of your bar/bat mitzvah celebration:

  • If you want to invite your guests to contribute to the circus in your honor, we can send you cards to include in your invitation (or to use as thank you notes).
  • If you are planning a bar/bat mitzvah trip to Israel, contact us about including a circus performance or workshop.
  • If you are a circus person yourself, come teach us, practice with us, or perform with us!

We'd be happy to help you and your family plan your own unique partnership with the circus. Let us know how we can help: contact us.

What do we need?

General contributions of any amount can be made to help cover the costs of coaches' salaries, gym rental, and buses to bring kids from different communities to rehearsals.

Contributions may also be made specifying a particular expense, for example:

  • Costume for one performer - $30
  • Diabolo or set of juggling objects - $50
  • Stilts - $100
  • Unicycle - $250
  • Walking globe - $500
  • Scholarship for a year's participation by one kid - $300
  • Sponsor a performance at a special needs school, hostel, or hospital - $600
  • Series of street-theater training workshops - $1,000
  • Rent of our practice gym for a year - $5,000

For information on how to send funds to the circus, click here.

Mitchell Friedman's Bar Mitzvah project


In honor of his Bar Mitzvah, Mitchell hosted a circus show on Sunday, May 19, 2013, in Hillsborough, NJ, to raise money for the Galilee Circus.

Mitchell did everything for this show himself; from organizing the acts, to writing the script, to performing. He advertised, sold tickets and collected donations to maximize what he gave to the Galilee Circus.

We are happy to report that the show was a great success, and $1200 were collected for the circus! Thank you Mitchell!

See professional photos here, and a video of the whole show.