Galilee Arches final show – City Museum – August 2012

In St. Louis, the 12 members of the Galilee Circus teamed up with 10 members of the St. Louis Arches, to create a combined show, consisting of acts from each circus and several that were created together. This combined troupe, ''The Galilee Arches,'' performed at a variety of venues throughout the area, from suburban malls to a YMCA camp to synagogues, museums, and even sidewalks. The St. Louis Arches ''home ring'' is at City Museum in downtown St. Louis, and the troupe did a number of shows there. Here are links to video clips of each of the acts, at the final show of the tour on August 4 (the ringmaster in the show is the incomparable Jessica Hentoff, director of Circus Harmony, home of the St. Louis Arches troupe):

Charivari (overture)


Group juggling

Solo juggling (Kevin Quinn of the Arches)

Solo juggling - hats (Shai Ben-Yosef of Galilee Circus)


Aerial silks



Acrobatics (finale)