A message from our Chair, Sue Reiss

Dear friends and supporters,

As you have seen from his recent email, our Executive Director, Nir Topper, has resigned from the Galilee Foundation for Value Education. Nir arrived at a difficult time financially and he successfully steered the Foundation through the process of re-focusing our programs to our vision, while balancing our annual budget despite the tight economic climate. We are grateful to Nir for his contributions to the Foundation and we wish him the best in his new endeavors.

The board and staff of the Galilee Foundation are engaged in a dialogue for developing a new strategic plan for the Foundation. We have decided to postpone appointment of a new Executive Director until we have completed this process. The board and staff have each expanded their responsibilities to make sure all required tasks are covered.

In the meantime, the staff are also busy with the ongoing work of organizing our programs and preparing for the annual influx of summer visitors.

During this period of increased political and social polarization throughout so much of the world, we believe more than ever in our programs, which provide opportunities for participants to come together with individuals whom they otherwise might never meet-whether Jews and Arabs, or Jews from different backgrounds and traditions. We hope these encounters will be a small step toward tikun olam-fixing the world.

Thank you for your continuing support!
Sue Reiss
Chair of the Board of Directors