Bar/Bat Mitzva activities

We offer a series of tours - about Jewish history in the Galilee and Golan Heights - for the Bar/Bat Mitzva and their families. Every tour includes a visit to  a historic site that has a fascinating story. We will tour the site, hear the story, relive experiences that happened there long ago and discuss the still-relevant dilemmas raised.

  • At Zippori we'll watch a play on the stage of the Roman theater and debate the relationship of symbols from different cultures.
  • At Yodfat we'll hear about the Great Revolt, and be part of the reconstruction of the siege, pumping water from the pit, building model catapults and firing them, and discuss the dilemmas of life and death.
  • At Beit She'arim we'll hunt for treasure in the caves, and hear stories of Rabbi Judah the Prince.
  • In Acre, we'll circle the city walls, we'll hear about the meeting that almost happened between Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and Napoleon, and talk about immigration to Israel throughout the generations.
  • In Safed we'll wander through the alleys in a game of group orienteering and get to know the various synagogues.

You can select more than one tour, and you have the option to take the tour(s) with the Bar/Bat Mitzva's year group (you can also bring the parents) or as an experience for the entire family.   Please contact us to discuss your requirements!

A Bar Mitzva activity at Yodfat

Link your Bar/Bat mitzvah to the circus and help us defy gravity!

Another way to...

  • Connect with Israel;
  • connect with kids in Israel; and
  • Help make Israel a better place, by breaking down barriers and building shared culture and citizenship. to make the Galilee Circus your bar/bat mitzvah project.

For further details and ideas, and to read about Mitchell Friedman's Bar Mitzvah project, click here.