Holiday message - October 2016

Dear friends and supporters,

The Jewish Holiday season is a time of hope, renewal, and promise. Each year, we seek out new ideas and continue with established favourites which bring together those communities which would otherwise not meet and overcome the destructive fear of “the other.”

Your contributions and, most of all, your ongoing engagement with us, will make this possible.   Without your support, we could not this last year have:

  • Run the Galilee Circus for Arab and Jewish youth and showcased our message of hope and possibility here in Israel to local and visiting audiences.
  • Taken the Galilee Circus to the long-time partners in St Louis, MO, where American audiences received our unique message of hope.
  • Run our enormously popular Young Leaders’ program which this last summer opened the eyes of a hundred visiting groups from abroad, young and old, of all background, exposing hundreds to the complexities of Arab Jewish relations in Israel and the Diaspora.
  • Continued our new, successful partnership with Ort Braude College in Karmiel, to whom we have this year taken our Neighbors program, bringing together Arab and Jewish students in deep and long-term discussion.
  • Run thought-provoking discussions and educational tours with local schools and visitors to get a more nuanced understanding of our place in a difficult part of the world, using a pluralistic approach to Jewish heritage that facilitates the coming together of Jews of all backgrounds on common ground.

We hope you will consider making the Galilee Foundation for Value Education a part of your holiday giving, while there is still time.
The vision you share with us can only be achieved by all of us working together. In the spirit of Jewish renewal, please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Galilee Foundation for Value Education.

Hundreds of our participants, and indeed thousands who have learned and benefited through our activities, of whom you may be one, will thank you for making sure we are able to continue our work of achieving our Vision of Israel as a shared, pluralistic and safe society for all of its citizens.

Donate today! Thank you for supporting us

L’Shana Tova and Gmar Chatima Tova from all of us at the Galilee Foundation for Value Education.

Sue Reiss,
Chair of the Board of Directors

PS If you didn’t have a chance to catch it yet, you can find our Holiday newsletter here.

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