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Cynthia Levinson has written a book about the cooperation between our Galilee Circus and St. Louis Circus Harmony - it's gone to the printers! We're really curious to see!   Watch this space!



The Galilee Foundation for Value Education - Shorashim has engaged in education for intergroup understanding since 1992. The foundation's central mission is to use informal education to build the Galilee as a model of civil society. The activities of the Foundation deal with bridging three major fault lines in Israeli society and the Jewish world: Jewish - Arab, Jewish - Jewish (primarily orthodox/non-orthodox), and Israel - Diaspora. The foundation's work is rooted in a vision of Zionism that integrates rootedness in the Land of Israel and the unity of the Jewish people, together with the values of equality, freedom of conscience, and religious and ethnic pluralism.

In the area of Jewish-Arab cooperation, our central programs are the Galilee Circus, a Jewish-Arab youth circus and ''Young Leaders'' (formerly ''Neighbors'') which has been facilitating encounters between visitors from abroad and Israeli Arabs for two decades.   We have this year started a new ''Neighbors'' program which enables Jewish and Arab high school students to address relations between their two communities, initially by agreeing and implementing a public project or activity in their communities, schools, media or elsewhere, helping students take a concrete first step towards shared society.

In the areas of Jewish pluralism and Israel-Diaspora relations, we offer a number of educational tourism modules at sites around the Galilee, Jewish cultural programming for the local population, educational consulting for Jewish institutions around the world, and programming support for Partnership 2Gether (P2G) (previously known as Partnership 2000).

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