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With mixed feelings of pride in our achievements over the last 26 years, gratitude to you - our supporters, donors, and stakeholders - and sadness that all good things come to an end, we announce that the Galilee Foundation for Value Education is closing in 2017.

The current political climate in Israel and abroad has made it difficult to raise the funds required to keep our programs going. We have made the difficult decision that our work must be carried forward by others in new homes.   But the good news is that our main programs have found new homes.  You can read more about that decision here.

If you have a confirmed booking with one of the activities of the Foundation please be assured that this news does not affect any arrangements made.


The Galilee Foundation for Value Education - Shorashim has engaged in informal education to promote intergroup understanding and build the Galilee as a model of civil society since 1992. From a vision of Zionism that integrates rootedness in the Land of Israel and Jewish unity with the values of equality, freedom of conscience, and religious and ethnic pluralism, we work to bring together in dialogue and trust those who would otherwsie not meet, whether Jews and Arabs or Jews from different backgrounds and traditions. In our work we grapple with what it means for Israel to be both a Jewish and a democratic state, and the consequences that brings.

We see a common thread in our activities bringing together Arabs and Jews, promoting a pluralistic Jewish unity and Israel-Diaspora understanding: only by bridging all these gaps will we bring about our vision of Israel as a shared, pluralistic and safe society where there is mutual trust and a meaningful and real dialogue between groups who accept each other respectfully.

You can find out more on our About us page, and details of our current programs below, or under Our programs.


We achieve our Vision of Israel as a shared, pluralistic and safe society for all of its citizens through a number of innovative programs:

  • Galilee Circus - our social circus bringing together Arab and Jewish children and youth to build trust and have fun together
  • Young Leaders - developing leadership and self-respect amongst Arab and Jewish youth for the next generation
  • Neighbors - bringing Arab and Jewish students together for regular, ongoing group encounters to develop trust, tolerance and friendship, and acknowledgement of each other's narratives
  • Cultural Center - lectures, batei midrash, and holiday workshops on Jewish themes bringing together people from all backgrounds to a shared pluralistic understanding
  • Educational Tourism - tours and seminars in the Galilee, visiting interesting people, sites and stories to bring some clarify to the complexity of the issues today, as they have developed in the context of history

None of these activities can be continued without the generous financial support of our friends!  



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Galilee Foundation for Value Education 

Moshav Shorashim
D.N. Misgav 2016400

Tel. +972-4-990-2431
Fax. +972-4-990-2403



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Galilee Circus had a marvellous trip in St Louis, August 1-14, our sixth encounter with our partner social circus, the St Louis Arches troupe of Circus Harmony: Peace Through Pyramids.   We brought you the full article in our September newsletter, and you can see more pictures, videos and stories here too.   You can also find out more about Peace Through Pyramids via the sidebar on our Circus page, and read more about the lead-up to the trip here.



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Our Vision...

We continue to work towards our Vision for Israel as:

''...a shared, pluralistic and safe society for all its citizens, where there is mutual trust and a meaningful and real dialogue between groups who accept each other respectfully.''